Battery Management System

If the battery is the heart of the product power train, the BMS is the brain.

In fact any high power rechargeable lithium battery requires a total control, which ensures the safety of operation, reliabilityand maximum performance.

This device is called BMS (Battery Management System) and NRG developed it and produced it in Italy, together with itstechnical partner Silidea Srl.

The Software is owned and is constantly updated.

The BMS tasks are:

1. To keep each cell within the voltage values ​​provided by the manufacturer, both for safety and reliability reasons. The measuring tolerance is 1 mV.

2. To balance the cells of the battery pack. This is very important because in an high voltage battery, it is impossible to ensure the perfect uniformity of the cells themselves. Our BMS have 3 different algorithms (one of which patent pending) toaccomplish this task and this generate 3 different balancing modes.

3. To dialogue with the motor driver to transmit all the information needed for proper functioning.

4. To memorize as many operating data as possible; this is fundamental to understand how the battery has been used and, if necessary, to better manage the product warranty.

Developed over the last five years, now consists of a whole range needed to cover every kind of battery and chemistry: from 3 low power cells up to 600 V batteries of any capacity.

The consumption is about 50 nanoA when off,  that means it has almost no influence on the battery storage.

The software is easy to use and can be customized according to customer’s special requirements.

The customer is given a multilingual PC interface, on two levels: the first one for the customer and the second for its service centers. In order of importance, some data can be set by the customer and some parameters are not visible to the service centers.