How we work

NRG working methodology aims to offer the highest construction quality always indispensable, in particular to ensure the safety and reliability of lithium batteries with high voltage and / or high power.


At the base of all, there is a careful study of the most suitable battery, both in terms of chemistry and correct sizing. This is done internally in near real time and then submitted to engineering department and cell factories producers for approval.

realizzazioneBattery production

After the above mentioned sizing, this is the second step of the project. From the mechanical point of view, we produce battery packs according to customer’s design, with additional components such as NTC, fuses, polyswitch, cables and connectors if necessary. The marking of a battery is made directly on the external sleeve, if present, or printed on a label of any size and material. It can be fully customized according to customer requirements.

controlliIncoming control

Every batch of material is tested before approval through the rack machines shown in the photo below. The racks are also used for cells selection when a complex battery has to be assembled or for particularly critical applications. They are designed to test cylindrical, prismatic or polymer cells.


Adequate surface and air-conditioned warehouse, allows us to stock the most common material used to meet any urgent delivery.


Stock maintenance

A too long storage can alter the cells characteristics and decrease their performances. For this reason, thanks to the rack machines, we carry out a cycle of charge / discharge / charge to all the cells that remain in warehouse beyond the time indicated in the relative technical specifications.


Battery assembly

All the batteries sold by NRG, with the exception of Ni-MH button cells, are assembled in our assembly department because we believe this is the only way to ensure quality construction, rapid engineering and total control of the process. The assembly is performed by trained and experienced personnel and using the best available equipments for these particular processes. Quality control is carried out on 100% of the produced parts.


NRG can design and produce any type of interface circuit: with PLC, charger, etc.


Two models of “battery analyzer” and other instrumentation allow NRG to make tests and deep examinations of any kind of cell and battery.


NRG is member of “Importer and producer register with n° 4324942 and pays the environmental contribution according to the Decree. 188/08 on each battery that it places on the Italian market. This entitles each customer to give the exhausted batteries provided by NRG to a collector completely free.