Lithium-Cobalt Oxide Batteries


Lithium-Cobalt batteries currently represent one of the rechargeable energy sources with the highest energy density, up to 190 Wh / kg.
They have a nominal voltage of 3.7 V, that means that Li-CoO2 cell replaces three Ni-Cd or Ni-MH cells.
They require a protection circuit to maintain the cells within the operating parameters provided by the manufacturer and avoid leakage or explosion.

They are available in the following shapes:
- cylindrical
– prismatic
– button

and designed for cyclic use.

They are indicated for all low power portable applications because of the limits of their capacity which, for security reasons, does not exceed 2,8-3 Ah

The cells are completely sealed and require no maintenance.
They can be stored and used in any position.

Some sizes are fitted with an internal fuse as protection from short circuits.

The structure of both of a prismatic and a cylindrical cell is shown in the image below