Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries


Lithium-FePO4 (Li-Fe) batteries are currently the safest Lithium technology on the market and they are able to achieve the highest number of cycles.
They can reach a lower specific energy than other types of rechargeable lithium battery, 120 Wh / kg, with a nominal voltage of 3.2 V.

They need a protection circuit to maintain the cells within the operating parameters provided by the manufacturer.

They are available in the following shapes:
- cylindrical
– polymer
– prismatic

and designed for cyclic use or for permanent charge, if supported by an adequate electronic control (BMS).

Li-FePO4 polymer cells can be realized with the dimensions required by the customer, agreed that the energy density and for important quantities.

They are suitable for all media and especially high power applications, in particular for electric vehicles, as well as for energy storage in solar systems.
Cells with capacity of some hundreds of Ah are in fact available.

They have a particularly flat discharge curve.

The cells are completely sealed and require no maintenance.
They can be stored and used in any position.

The structure of a Li-FePO4 polymer cell is shown in the image below