Lithium-NMC Batteries


Lithium-NMC batteries are the latest technology in lithium batteries field and they are an excellent compromise between specific energy, safety of operation and number of cycles. Currently, they reach in fact 180 Wh / kg, with a nominal voltage of 3.6 V.

They require a protection circuit to maintain the cells within the operating parameters provided by the manufacturer.

They are available in the following shapes:

- cylindrical

- polymer

and they are designed for cyclic use.

Li-NMC-polymer cells can be realized with the dimensions required by the customer, agreed that the energy density and for important quantities.

Important: the word “polymer” refers to the particular construction of the cell; the electrodes, the separator and the electrolyte are not placed in a rigid case but enclosed between two aluminium layers with the electrolyte absorbed in the separator. This saves weight and increases the intrinsic safety: in the event of abnormal gas generation, in fact, the two layers unstuck,  limiting the risk of explosion.

They are suitable for all medium and high power applications, in particular for tools and small electric vehicles.

Some models can be discharged at very high rate.

The cells are completely sealed and require no maintenance. They can be stored and used in any position.

Some sizes are fitted with a fuse for protection from short circuits.

Construction The structure of a Li-MNC polymer cell is shown in the image below.